Sunday, 2 August 2009


So the new yellow has been certified as 7b+. The new Green has been certified as 7c+/8a by myself and Miss Berry (natalie) and I quote "It was really cool" : P

Here's a picture of the finale crux's of the two new routes!

But right now, for your viewing pleasure, I have some beta tips from the one and only Paul "Where did my armspan go?" Williamson (British Junior Team Member). Young Paul here,

is 15, sponsored by 5.10, he is wearing 5.10 Dragons and is beasting up these classic Ratho boulder problems set by our quality routesetting team!!! In this video we watch Paul sending the classic white roof boulder (V5ish). Watch his crazy roof technique through the crux, that sequence was shown to me by one of Ratho's young talents (Eleanor "could probably hang an atom" Hopkins, British Junior Team Aspirant).

In this next video, we see Paul showing us how to send the Grey V5 on the 45 Feature boulder. Watch his good use of feet through the crux and the final moves, this is essential for the send!!!

And finally, the evr elusive Yellow V6!!! This has seen many a victim with its thrutchy moves and body tension needed start, but there is always a sequence that works, and paul seems to have found his own... Will it work for you?

More Beta vids on there way!!!


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