Sunday, 9 August 2009

An Argentinian Touch

Our new pal from the southern-western country of argentena has been on the boulder setting business of late. He's been in the cave and has designed some righteous new problems on the v-board! There are two new yellow problems and a red and orange. The grades look to be as follows:

1) yellow (right) = v6
2) yellow (left) = v2
3) orange = v4
4) red = v5

these are just guesses right now so have a go on them and tell us what u think?

I have also been on the v-board setting. My new problems are the blue and green. Blue goes at around v1/2 and the green should get a nice and healthy v5/6.
And right this second I just finished setting what I think will be the cave project hopefully... The new pink... Grade??? Could be v6 or even v9? We will see, it needs to see some action people, don't dissaooint...

Also, I've been seeing some neat variations going on in the cave too... For those that are interested, why not try the start of the pink on the mantel shelf into the yellow mantel shelf problem and instead of making the move static to the lip, do a double dyno!!! Also, try doing the yellow mantel without traversing and just go direct, FA goes to Lisandro, a sweet problem.

Anyway, tell us what you think, if you are enjoying the route setting telll us, same goes if you are not impressed, tell us what you think we need more of and we will see what we can do ; p

rob out

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