Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A New Age!!!

The Age of Setting has begun anew...

A new day, a new set of problems! Today Mhairi had 3 hours of routesetting time, so she got on the boulder caves case! She stripped the whole Mantel shelf board section of wall and set a bunch of new problems too! I set some on my break (Green, Pink, Blue) and Mhairi set the 2 x whites, Purple and Red...

This is me on my new Blue boulder on the Pillar in the Boulder cave. A little bit different, it requires... lets just say... that je ne se quoi they call DYNAMIC POWER!!!

They all look totally awesome! Heres a video taken today of Callum Forsyth (Our youngest Ratho Instructor at 16 years of age! He's also one bad ass climber setting the standard at 7c Redpoint and 7b onsight!!!) climbing my new blue V1. Watch out for the sneaky footholds out right to stay in balance... ; P

Here's Callum again making short work of the new Pink I set today as well (V3ish???)

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