Monday, 22 June 2009

Rodellar (Robbie's Trip)

Hey Everyone!!!

Had an awesome time in Spain. I was climbing in an amzing crag called Rodellar where there are massive caves of up to 100m in height. The first few days where amazing, the temperatures where a bit hot but i was still managing to crush all the 8 grade routes into the ground. I tried an 8b called Gladiator which i did every move on my first go and linked it in two parts. On my third attempt i fell after the crux and was sure it would go next attempt. unfortunately the weather got really hot very quickly and it was impossible to climb anything really hard, a real bummer as me and Stefan (My dutch friend i was climbing with) where feeling really strong. We still managed to have a god time though. There was an excellent scene at the refugio and the surrounding campsites and we made lots of new friends from all over the world, from as far as Australia and Israel to Germany and the States. I got to climb with loads of cool people and discovered yet more about my climbing than i've ever done before. I have found out over the past years that trips are the perfect way to identify weaknesses in you climbing and then when you return to normality and the gym, you can iron them out with more hard training so you'll be ready for crushing on your next trip. I discovered that my endurance is pretty damn good yet my power endurance and finger strength could definitely be improved. From talking to lots of different people, you can identify areas in your climbing which need to be improved. Try talking to climbers who are much better than you and who have much more experience and maybe you will discover something new to improve on. Remember that training has to be technical as well as physical. If you improve technically too then you can only get better. I am going to work on improving my speed and efficiency on the wall and to do that i will start moving faster when i'm training and working on my reaction time while onsightin hard routes.

Anyway, hope you liked the post...

C u all at ratho


P.s. Pictures are to come very soon... : P