Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Interview!!!

As a brand new feature to the Ratho blog, we have started video interviews with the ratho staff and regular climbing heroes.

Interview by Robbie Phillips and Natalie Berry!
Cameraman: Jonathan Field
Laughing in background: Neil Mcgeachy

To start of with we have Eddie "Irish beast" Barbour!!!


Name: Eddie Barbour
Age: 23
Place of origin: Ireland
Regular Climbing Wall: EICA: Ratho
Hardest Onsight: 8a, E6
Hardest Flash: 8a/+
Hardest Boulder: V
Hardest Redpoint:8b, E9/10
Occupation: Post Graduate PhD in something crazy like Physical mechanical and engineering or something like that?
Hobbies: Wind Surfing (sometimes more so than climbing!!!!)
Claim to fame: His constant crimping finger? Its nuts!

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