Monday, 2 November 2009

Interview 2 - Lisandro Defays!

Last Friday myself and Robbie had the fantastic opportunity to interview another of our climbing idols, Lisandro Defays. This modest man is known for his immense strength (especially when crushing boulder problems!) and his massive forearm diameter, as well as his love for mango fingers! What else would we possibly need to know about the Forearm King? We made our way into the boulder room at Ratho armed with mango fingers and a banana in order to delve deeper into the world of Mr Defays. Discover more in this enthralling interview involving pink elephants, bananas, forearm babies and other randomness that can only be found in a Natalie/Robbie interview!

Quick Bio

  • Name: Lisandro Defays

  • Age: 30 something!

  • Country of origin: Argentina

  • Speciality: Crushing everything in his path!

  • Famous for: Crushing Robbie's Blue V7 (as seen on YouTube!)

  • Weakness: Banging his knees (ouch!)

  • Hobbies: Stealing mango fingers!

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