Thursday, 24 September 2009

New Boulder Problems and Routes

Good News everyone! Like I said 7 weeks ago, the wall was in for a big change in the area of route setting. The plan has been going well, for 5 weeks straight we managed to re-set a different part of the bouldering wall until every ratho bouldering wall had been re-set. We where going to restart the re-setting if the bouldering walls again after the 5 week period and begin anew, but me and Buz both felt that 5 weeks wasn't very long and there where tonnes of new problems to get at so we left a 2 week gap at which more new problems can be set on all bouldering walls and then we would begin anew. So 7 weeks has passed and today I stripped the left hand side of the bouldering cave! So lots of new problems on their way, YEAH!!! Psyched!

Also, today Buz and I set a new hard route through the hangar wall, we think 8aish? The grades of the new routes are as follows from Left to Right:

White 6b
Blue 7c+
Grey 8a
Tan 7b
Yellow 8b
White 6b+
Blue 7b+
Purple 7a+/b
Yellow 7c
Ripple 7b+
Yellow 6c+
Purple 7b+
Green 7a

These are not official, as we haven't had too many people check the grades as yet, but as soon as we get a consensus we will stick the grades up on the white board left of the hangar wall. So everyone, get on the routes and tell us what you think yeah?


  1. would say white in the middle is maybe 6c and what about the brilliant red beside it? Seems to have been missed out.

  2. I was down yesterday- good setting guys!

    Are the grades you list all to full height? I was on the 7a+/b purple you describe, and I think that it is 7a+ to the first set of chains... Didn't go further than that. Really good fun though: Definitely the best route there's been on the wall so far!

    I think that the white in the middle you give 6b+ is 6b to the first set of chains, and 6c+ to the end...

    I think that the red that "seems to have been missed out" is 6c.

    As for the old comp wall, the yellow up the middle is definitely not 7a+. More like easy 6c+, but still a good route- it has an airy feel in the middle (particularly if you clip like I did..!). I think the green nearby gets hard 7a.

  3. Cool guys! Glad your enjoying yhe routes! The Red is 6c+/7a i think? There has been a bit of debate, i reckon 6c+, everyonelse thinks 7a/+...

    So i dunno, whatever you guys think? If the white is 6c+ then the red is 7a+ because theres a big difference, i know this because i campussed the white, dont think i could do the same to the red though ; P