Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Local Talent: Jaime Davidson

This weekend sees EICA: Ratho hold the Edinburgh Round of the IFSC European Youth Series (EYS). One local climbing star that will be hoping to make an impact on her international debut is Cowdenbeath based climber Jaime Davidson. Jaime is a product of the EICA: Ratho Youth Program and has been rapidly progressing through our various kids climbing clubs on her way towards international competition over the last 6 years.

Jaime is still only 14 years, but has already build up a sports climbing competition C.V. to be proud of, with a long list of achievements most climbers could only dream of. See below;

2009 South Scotland Champion (14-16yrs) – Youth Climbing Series
2009 Scottish Champion (14 – 16yrs) Scottish Youth Climbing Championships
2009 Scottish Champion (11 – 13yrs) Scottish Youth Bouldering Championships
2009 Kirkcaldy District Sports Council- Junior Athlete of the Year Award
2009 2nd Place (Senior) - Dundee Bouldering League
2009 British Junior Climbing Team Squad Member

2008 South Scotland Champion (11 – 13yrs) – Youth Climbing Series
2008 British Champion (11 – 13yrs) –Youth Climbing Series National Final
2008 Scottish Champion (11 – 13yrs) – Scottish Youth Climbing Championships
2008 1st Place (Youth C) – British Team Trials
2008 1st Place (junior) - Dundee Bouldering League
2008 British Junior Climbing Team Squad Member

2007 South Scotland Champion (10 – 12yrs) – Youth Climbing Series
2007 Winner (juniors) – East v West Bouldering Series

2006 South Scotland Champion (10 – 12yrs) – Youth Climbing Series
2006 Winner (junior) – Art Bloc Nice Open Bouldering Competition

2005 2nd Place South Scotland (10 – 12yrs) – Youth Climbing Series
2005 Winner (under 14s) – Alien Rock Bouldering League
2005 Finalist (senior – at an age of 10yrs) – Scottish Mixed Masters

2004 2nd Place South Scotland (7 - 9yrs) – Youth Climbing Series

This weekends EYS presents Jaime’s biggest competition challenge to date, with the prospect of testing her skills against all of the top junior climbers from across Europe. As her coach and someone who has witnessed at close hand how well this talented young girl deals with pressure, I have every faith that she will rise to the occasion and make everyone proud! Jaime is definitely one to look out for, not just in this round of the EYS, but in next years Youth World Cup in Edinburgh and other international climbing competitions in the future. If you want to show your support to British Team this weekend, make your way down to EICA: Ratho and cheer them on.

Spectators pricing is as follows;
Sat (qualification rounds) £3.00
Sun (Finals) £3.00
2 Day Ticket £5.00
Under 16s – half price
Under 8s - free
* Climbing will commence at 8.30 am on the Sat morning!

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