Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Brand Spanking New Routes!

So guys, the EYS is over and the finals and some of the qualifiers have been left up. So why not test yourself against the best in Europe? Not only that but Neil Busby, Neil Mcgeachy and Mark (Zippy) Pretty have all been working hard and have set a good number of new routes on the old comp wall and the hangar wall! We aren't 100% on the grades right now and are still tweaking them slightly but there should be a good range from 6b - 8b, plenty for everyone to get there fingers into.

On another note, for you boulderers out there, left side of the cave is getting re-set this week too so you'll have a god number of new problems there to get stuck into as well! All our problems where very well appreciated by the strang euro wads when they came over for the comp. On saturday and Sunday the boulders and cave where mobbed with young climbing beasts crushing everything in sight and they only had good things to say about the quality of the problems (certainly good to hear when your work is appreciated).

And as well as that, we have brand new rungs for the campus board and this time they are exactly the right space apart, identical to that of the moon board! We've also ordered a beastmaker and as soon as the supplies increase we'll have it set up in ratho too. PSYCHED!

Get down to ratho guys and lets see what you've got!

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